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Our Vision

Muri Lynn Dueppen and Amanda Jozkowski are dedicated to ensuring that every student in Carroll County has access to high-quality public education.

With years of professional and volunteer experience in the field of education, they are committed to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment.


As a team, they bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas, paired with extensive leadership experience.

From improving teacher retention rates to addressing the achievement gap, Amanda and Muri are passionate about strengthening our school system for every student and family.

"Great schools provide rigorous, innovative, and effective instruction in safe, supportive learning environments. Our terrific school system can be made even better if we work together to ensure that students remain the primary focus and top priority in decision-making."

Amanda Jozkowski

"One of the key goals of education is to foster critical thinking skills. By exposing students to a wide range of viewpoints and learning experiences, we provide them the opportunity to analyze and engage with diverse perspectives, preparing them for a meaningful life beyond the classroom."
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