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Muri Lynn Dueppen

Candidate profile
Amanda Jozkowski

School safety and positive discipline strategies

We are committed to maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment. We will review existing discipline policies and strategies, and support staff and administrators to effectively address classroom behaviors that can disrupt student learning and well-being.

Community and parental engagement

We are dedicated to increasing the engagement of parents and the community in the educational process, aiming to create collaborative and inclusive school environments.

Enhanced mental health support

We prioritize enhancing mental health support in schools by increasing the availability of counselors and psychologists. This will provide crucial resources for addressing student mental health concerns proactively and support overall well-being.

Growth of career and technical education

We advocate for the expansion and enhancement of career and technical education programs. We recognize the importance of equipping students with practical skills that are aligned with industry needs, ensuring they are prepared for both higher education and the workforce. We will work to increase access to CTE pathways to provide diverse learning opportunities for all students.

Infrastructure improvement and fiscal responsibility

We will push for substantial investment in school facilities and technology to ensure safe and modern learning environments for all students. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of fiscal transparency and responsible budget management to ensure that educational funds are used effectively and efficiently.

Strengthening public education

We are committed to supporting the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. This is a massive and evolving piece of state legislation that invests in enhanced educational outcomes for all students. We will ensure its successful implementation in Carroll County and advocate for the necessary funding at local and state levels.

Equitable access to resources & Focus on academics

We will advocate for equitable distribution of resources across all schools to ensure that each student, regardless of their background or school location, has access to quality educational opportunities.

Staff support, retention, and recruitment

We will work to attract and retain quality educators through competitive compensation, support, and meaningful professional development opportunities. We will advocate for reduced teacher workload and increased planning time to help prevent burnout and overwhelm. We aim to provide more support staff in the classroom, and commit to maintaining a healthy work environment and bargaining for a living wage and benefits for education support professionals.

Opposition to book banning

We support the appropriate use of the reconsideration process, but strongly oppose the targeted removal of books from school libraries. We believe in trusting the professional judgment of librarians and maintaining a diverse selection of books to foster critical thinking and exposure to different perspectives. We will protect the rights of all parents/guardians to make choices for their own family.

Curricular reforms for practical learning

We are committed to curricular reforms that emphasize practical and experiential learning, ensuring that educational practices are grounded in evidence. We advocate for a shift towards performance evaluation that truly reflects a student's understanding and application of knowledge, moving away from over-reliance on standardized testing. This approach will better prepare students for real-world challenges and promote a deeper, more meaningful learning experience.

Responsible communication and engagement

We aim to cultivate a community where every voice is heard and valued. Our commitment extends to ensuring that all interactions, whether online or in-person, are conducted with civility and respect. We will introduce training for school system employees (including Board members) to uphold these standards, and implement guidelines that encourage fact-based dialogue, respectful communication, and inclusivity. This initiative aims to prepare our students to be ethical leaders and responsible citizens in today's world.

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